My Electronic Sound Devices - Today and Yesterday

"Stage Synthesizers" of the 70s were at that time by far too expensive - and those, which I could attempt, said nothing to me. It was only the ARP 2600, which I purchased for DM 180 in the early 80s (at that time it was extremely unpopular), that really appealed to me.

I have never played synthesizers as a complement to the piano - they were rather the opposite, a liberating counterweight, in comparison with the piano still without history.


"Hybrid" in this case stands for analog modules and digital control. Control data is generated with the help of the computer and delivered to the synthesizer as CV (Control Voltage). My setup provides up to 80 CV outputs. Actually, it is the "dream instrument" that I had in mind for 30 years.


The Buchla 200 Series has been my "main" format since 2015 - the "Electric Music Box" of the 70s. Banana plug, unipolar, Tini-Jax, 1.2V/oct.... However, most of the modules in my instrument are not from the 70s, but fresh clones.


The high-quality key data of this 5U format are defined, the circuits of the modules originated from all directions. Heavy construction. Above all, it is worth mentioning the high quality of the components, which, in addition to excellent audio quality, also leads to a very good tactile feel.


The TX81Z has 8 voices with 4 operators (= oscillators) each and was the first FM generator which provided the capability to also realize FM with non-sinusoidal waves. Because of its different tone generator it does sound better than the DX series.


The Behringer reinterpretation of the ARP 2600 has succeeded magnificently! The B-2600 sounds a bit tidier, less exuberant than the historic ARP 2600 originals. From my point of view it's THE new "People's Synthesizer".


My last Eurorack instrument - 600TE, easy to fold in patched state, however I didn't feel comfortable with the small Eurorack format. Nevertheless, I still enjoy some blessed Eurorack modules to this day.


ARP instruments have been my choice since 1983. During the 80's and 90's Rhodes Chroma and ARP 2600, and since 2006, with the start of the " Hybrid Synth" project, it was this Odyssey featuring the Little Brother. An ARP overview from my perspective.


Some Classics that I had acquired in the modern era and the digital sound generators that I owned since the late 80's and with which I did a lot for about 5 years. They were especially interesting for me because of the computer and SysEx controllability.


Synthesizers need FX devices!
Here is something about the peripherals: Filter Banks, EQ, Delays, Distortion, Phaser, Volume and Expression Pedals, Miniature MIDI Interface, Pedalboard and Power Supply.


Electronic sounds fascinated me since childhood - although they were still quite rare at that time. In 1964 I had discovered these two 10 inch records (mono) in my father's record shelf, which attracted me extremely.

"Studie I" + II" and "Gesang der Jünglinge" by Karlheinz Stockhausen and "Einführung in die Elektronische Musik" and "Etüde über Tongemische" by Herbert Eimert. Shortly after that "Kontakte" by Stockhausen - until to this day it has remained as one of my favorite pieces!

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For Sale

Used Equipment

19 inch devices - Cases - Buchla - Eurorack.

RME Bob 32
AES Breakoutbox - NEW!

€ 180.- plus shipping

Can be folded so that front and rear can be screwed into the rack as a 2U unit.

Buchla (Clone)
Frequency Shifter Model 285r

€ 550.- plus shipping

Shifter/Ringmodulator. Only operated for a few hours. Superbly built by A. Scramstad in Oregon/USA (my favorite builder).

CV-Tools - ARP 2600 inspired

€ 130.- plus shipping

Great Eurorack Voltage Processor and Slew Generator from the company Synovatron, unfortunately closed due to reasons of age.

Dual Amplifier. As new!

€ 90.- plus shipping

Two amplifiers in a 4HP Eurorack module. Very good quality - I have always liked ADDAC very much.

Expert Sleepers
ESX-8GT. Neuwertig!

€ 45.- plus shipping

Gate Expander for the ES-40 Audio to CV Module. Passive (without power connection).

MakeNoise Wiard Wogglebug
Random Generator

€ 145.- plus shipping

The Wiard Random Generator - still in the original licensed circuitry.

Intellijel Dixie CTRL
Control Expansion für den Dixie VCO

€ 35.- plus shipping

- allows control of PW, PWM, Lin FM and Exp FM on the Dixie VCO.

SKB R2U Roto Rack
As new!

€ 160.- plus shipping

Installation depth 45cm (deep version). In original box. Used for one day only.

SKB 6U+3U, Gator GR-4S
In top condition!

180.- 140.- 80.- plus shipping

Have never been on the road and are in TOP condition! Are no longer produced by SKB.

Dual-channel oscilloscope

€ 130.- plus shipping

incl. test probes. 2 mV/cm sensitivity, 60 MHz, deflection speed up to 5 ns/cm, 6.1 kg.