C.A.M.R. (Computer Aided Musical Research)

C.A.M.R. is the umbrella term for most of my musical activities combining acoustic and electronic instruments since 1989. The intended idea has always been that of the "electronic guerrilla" - i.e., the realization of electronic instruments that are playable in real time and can be transported easily.

10 years after departing from all universities and state-subsidized institutions, the "Mobile Studio" was launched in 2014 in order to work independently - from concert sound reinforcement and recording to the edited and "mastered" audio document.

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The website is organized into five sections:

Cologne, 1987 (Lomography: © Matthias Groebel)

Original CD productions and some additional musical impressions. Pieces and excerpts of recordings from 40 years - and also a few vintage posters.


Recent posts on my blog.

sample-imageMy Full Editor for the Yamaha TX81Z FM-Synthesizer. The TX81Z is a little giant, but is terrible to edit! The Editor makes it accessible from both computer and iPad. SysEx & Yamaha, it's a maze - (my) re-encounter with the 80s.

sample-imageQuite a sensation to me! Metric Halo, Make Believe Studios and Sontec have released a digital replication of the Sontec MES 432 D9 Mastering Equalizer. And that's just not all!

sample-imageAfter viewing a few posts on the 369 topic, particularly those written in German I found to be too superficial, so I followed my impulse and tried to do better.

sample-imageThe Musical Audio Research Station (approx. 1992 - 1999) by IRIS, Paliano, Italy.

My favorite instrument for live electronic music turns 30!

sample-imageThe Behringer reinterpretation of the ARP 2600 is a magnificent achievement! To me it's the new "people's synthesizer".

sample-imageSoon after the introduction of mRNA injections, it occasionally seemed to me that our DNA, a double helix, should be transformed into a triple helix.

Text & Translation Soon!

Great Reset?
4th Industrial Revolution?
New World Order?

The Fall of Babylon the Great

And I heard another voice from heaven saying,
“Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues!
"Eat ze Bugs!"

"We are the CO2 to be reduced!"

For Sale

Used Equipment

19 inch devices - Cases - Buchla - Eurorack.

RME Bob 32
AES Breakoutbox - NEW!

€ 180.- plus shipping

Can be folded so that front and rear can be screwed into the rack as a 2U unit.

Buchla (Clone)
Frequency Shifter Model 285r

€ 550.- plus shipping

Shifter/Ringmodulator. Only operated for a few hours. Superbly built by A. Scramstad in Oregon/USA (my favorite builder).

CV-Tools - ARP 2600 inspired

€ 130.- plus shipping

Great Eurorack Voltage Processor and Slew Generator from the company Synovatron, unfortunately closed due to reasons of age.

Dual Amplifier. As new!

€ 90.- plus shipping

Two amplifiers in a 4HP Eurorack module. Very good quality - I have always liked ADDAC very much.

Expert Sleepers
ESX-8GT. Neuwertig!

€ 45.- plus shipping

Gate Expander for the ES-40 Audio to CV Module. Passive (without power connection).

MakeNoise Wiard Wogglebug
Random Generator

€ 145.- plus shipping

The Wiard Random Generator - still in the original licensed circuitry.

Intellijel Dixie CTRL
Control Expansion für den Dixie VCO

€ 35.- plus shipping

- allows control of PW, PWM, Lin FM and Exp FM on the Dixie VCO.

SKB R2U Roto Rack
As new!

€ 160.- plus shipping

Installation depth 45cm (deep version). In original box. Used for one day only.

SKB 6U+3U, Gator GR-4S
In top condition!

180.- 140.- 80.- plus shipping

Have never been on the road and are in TOP condition! Are no longer produced by SKB.

Dual-channel oscilloscope

€ 130.- plus shipping

incl. test probes. 2 mV/cm sensitivity, 60 MHz, deflection speed up to 5 ns/cm, 6.1 kg.