Why Bible References?

In my writings Bible citations often appear in focus. I want to explain briefly why.

A long time ago I had to experience that political things are not as they are conveyed and that the term "democracy" is a mere facade. Hidden beneath are dynasties, money, a tangle of societies and, above all, secrets, lies and manipulation. From a European (or Western) perspective, all paths lead to Rome.

The Bible deserves to be examined, but it is probably one of the most compromised works in history. I consider Spirituality to be important, yet it can be experienced only from within. Churches are tying tools of people, as the name "religion" already says (lat. religare - to tie up again). They are earthly centers of power, deeply interwoven with the aristocracy and are more concerned about preserving their own power than about the spiritual life of their members. The CO2 tax is a modern trade in indulgences.

Soon after the introduction of the mRNA syringes, it occasionally seemed to me as if our DNA, a double helix, was to be transformed into a triple helix. It was such a feeling.


The public mistreatment of a child who is a product "in reality". How much of "Club of Rome" is there in Greta? How much of "BlackRock"? How "citizen activism" works today.


A quick interjection due after Prince Harry made an (expected) TV appearance on 9/23/2017, the beginning of the "time of tribulation“ (Apocalypse).


A call for vigilance, two years before the beginning of the biblical "Apocalypse" (Greek for unveiling, revelation). The appointed time


This passage from 1996/97 deals with the coding of the New Testament and the preparation for the coming Apocalypse.


Great Reset?
4th Industrial Revolution?
New World Order?


Occupational bans. Travel restrictions. Curfews. Isolation. "The media," mutated into a permanent propaganda machine, disseminates scaremongering and drives social division. Critical questions or even contradiction are ruled out. Massive censorship worldwide, which also crosses the threshold of discrediting and criminalization. Exclusion is the result.

The virus: not isolated. The PCR test: not approved (suitable) for diagnostic purposes. The evaluation: scientifically useless. The statistics: flawed and (deliberately) misleading. The measures: absurd. The "vaccination": does not meet the requirements for this designation. It is an (illegal) experiment on humans and an irreversible genetic intervention - also for all descendants of the vaccinated. It is not comparable with other vaccinations. What is done to children, the sick and the elderly, psychologically and physically, is violence. It is just as unacceptable as the effects of the "measures" on the weakest!

Nothing of all these things happens by chance!

In the meantime, an unelected, self-appointed "elite" is implementing a global reorder using the UN and WEF.

"We are the CO2 to be reduced!"

There is an urgent need for speech and action!

Revelation 18:4

The Fall of Babylon

And I heard another voice from heaven saying,
“Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues!