or: The Corporatism

The public Abuse of a child that is "just a Product"


sample-imageGreta is an extraordinary girl - I have no doubt about that. Her calls for action seem right at first sight and they coincide with demands that I too have been making for more than 45 years - also in "political struggle". I also believe that Greta herself believes what she reads. The extreme panic-mongering may perhaps be a (pressure) means to "the end", but it seems to me to be extremely questionable to plunge at least an entire (young) generation deliberately into a dystopia. It was the first moment when I asked myself why panic is created in such a targeted and massive way, with a broad media coverage.

Panic is not known to be a good advisor. The whole thing seemed too powerful, too sudden, too complex and too strong for a 15-year-old girl. It created distrust in me almost immediately and I could only explain it to myself with a hidden reason. After the first closer look at Greta's story and background it just became clear what was really happening. That's why I don't want to talk about Greta here at all, but about corporatism and its work and appearance. I want to talk about Greta's transformation into a product: The constructors are corporations, banks, "financial service providers", represented by managers up to heads of state and aristocracy.

But Greta is a teenager - and as good as she performs her role, she was too young at the beginning to understand what is being done around her - and above all: what is being done with her! It is much too complex! It would have required her to be withdrawn "from the front line" as a matter of urgency. In the meantime she has reached an age and maturity where she is required to share responsibility.

From the very beginning it seemed to me as if she was being sacrificed for a plan. This impression forces a closer look.

The Background

Greta's "success" is not based on her actions, but on the management and money of billionaire lobbyists. Greta is used and has been an advertising and activation product from the very beginning! This is deeply repulsive! To show the corporatist Moloch who uses the product "Greta", I start with the people who gather directly behind her, who open those doors for her that usually kept closed for critics.

Immediately after Greta's "discovery", money in the 3-digit million range is already in the game. The first thing that stands out among the supporters is the "Open Society Foundation" - financed by George Soros. Other well-known names of former "donors" - selected from an already astonishingly long list (as of 2018): Bank of America; Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; Bloomberg Philanthropies; Caterpillar Foundation; Coca-Cola; Columbus Foundation; Dangote Foundation; DEMDACO; George Lucas Family Foundation; Google; Open Society Policy Center; Robert Kraft, New England Patriots Foundation; SAP; Sheridan Family Charitable Fund; Sherwood Foundation...

For my opinion not exactly the first addresses regarding the improvement of the environment. I feel a bit uncomfortable. How did it all come to this?


Greta's behavior was noticeable! Her sit-down or Friday school strike immediately became polarized, and she seemed to take it well - indeed, it seemed as if the polarization even strengthened her. From an advertising point of view she is an excellent "package":

1. her Asperger's disease, which is conspicuous from the beginning and centrally communicated, gives her an additional, very "special" protection.

2. her parents: a not-unknown opera singer and an actor and manager - in other words, two people with extensive experience and knowledge of what it takes to be in the public eye This is not only a protection for the money behind the project - there are also no intermediaries. The family remains closed and the risk of the family withdrawing due to a sudden change of opinion is virtually minimized. Thus the whole project is sufficiently stabilized from the beginning. After all, Greta always has the family - and at the same time "specialists" in her familiar, unchanged family environment - only her father is now also her manager. It does not require her to get used to strangers there (to surrender). At the same time, the possibility of accusations of external influence is reduced.

3. Greta's appearance: she does not exactly correspond to the usual ideal of beauty, but is, in her own way, "cute". She is simple, natural, looks a bit old-fashioned with her pigtails and her illness is also easily recognizable for most people, but aesthetically not deterrent. This fate also makes her seem "less naive". Jealousies among competing peers are therefore virtually impossible. She seems almost untouchable. She is not too sexy, too artificial and she does not use make-up - and thus perfect for generating the solidarity of others during an action, if the theme is suitable. And it is true: Nature, climate, saving the planet - all gentle and green. And a little girl. Greta Thunberg can easily be distinguished from other young people! She also stands out in group pictures. The recognition effect: an aspect not to be underestimated for an advertising face!

sample-imageIngmar Rentzhog (40) comes into the picture: a financial entrepreneur, occasionally also referred to as a financial juggler. He had founded a climate protection organization in 2017 as a public limited company called "We Don't Have Time". He allegedly "discovered" Greta "by pure chance on the first day" (!) of her protest, August 20, 2018, and posted photos and a video on the same day. More photos of Greta with her well-known "Skolstreijk för Klimatet" poster will be distributed on the Internet in a focused campaign, with conspicuously good media coverage and great know-how. This is also to be read about in financial magazines. Rentzhog is now advertising for investors with the face and name of Greta Thunberg. Greta is now also to be seen with another sign (also handwritten): "We Don't Have Time" (the name of Rentzhog's stock corporation). It is used directly and intensively as a hashtag on the Internet. Ingmar Rentzhog already presents himself as a friend of the family in autumn. He and his "We Don't Have Time AG" have also been associated with the "Club of Rome" for some time. In November 2018, the global live broadcast of the "Club of Rome" is co-moderated by Ingmar Rentzhog with the presentation of a climate crisis plan.

Rentzhog previously founded a financial market communications office in 2004 and headed it himself for several years. He also participates in the "Climate Reality" project of former US Vice President Al Gore. This explains why Greta was introduced to Al Gore at such an early stage and why the whole project was prepared in a press-friendly manner, which in turn gave a huge boost to marketing. Rentzhog is also a board member of a Swedish think tank for "sustainable development". For this activity he is elected "Environmental Influencer of the Year" in 2018 by a Swedish environmental magazine. 2018 is also the year in which Greta is named "most influential teenager" by the Time Magazine.

Concurrently with the presentation of the Club of Rome's Climate Crisis Plan in November 2018, "We Don't Have Time" announced that Greta Thunberg has been appointed to the Foundation's Board of Directors since October. A share issue will be announced on November 27, 2018. Greta Thunberg appears several times in the advertising prospectus for the IPO (Spiegel: Is Greta Thunberg a PR puppet? Ist Greta Thunberg eine PR-Marionette? ). In December 2018, a sum of SEK 10 million is raised through the aforementioned share issue and Greta appears with "We don't Have Time" at the climate summit in Katowice, Poland, where she is declared the "Joan of Arc of climate protection". There she officially speaks for the initiative "Climate Justice Now", a rather obscure, transnational network with over 400 affiliated NGOs, of which it is not even sure if it still exists, although it seems to have enormously strong press connections. The website looks more like a dummy to me.

sample-imageThe first tentative "concerns" are published in various European daily newspapers. The first is the Svenska Dagbladet: "To create the world's largest social network for climate action" was the ambition of Ingmar Rentzhog. ... On his Linkedin account Rentzhog formulates the goal of building a platform "on which millions of members come together to put pressure on leaders, politicians and companies to act for the climate". In an interview with a financial magazine, he developed the vision of a network with 100 million users, financed by advertisements of "climate-friendly companies that want to address conscious customers“.

Other problematic situations in the environment (including family) also accompany Greta's rise: in the mean time the father resigns as manager after Lobby accusations and explains "I had no idea about this". I can't prove it, but it seems that he has not been completely faithful to the resignation. This is also a particularly difficult situation to judge, because it is to be wished for Greta that she does not have to stay alone among strange men (e.g. in a boat on the Atlantic Ocean), however well everyone would behave. On the other hand, in my opinion, the parents for "handing over" Greta to such a global advertising campaign should be put up for discussion. Here the father would also be subject to questioning. Greta's mother, Malena Ernman, also causes irritation in between, because she is publishing a book in which she writes about "Greta's life between Asperger's disease and climate activism". Is it just money-making or the flanking of a campaign to inflate Greta to an idol or even an icon?

The fact that the critical voices are published only marginally, and are thus automatically perceived as those of the inferior minority, is probably due to the strikingly strong media networking of the groups surrounding Greta. Questions about "not quite clean approach" and lobbying links are rejected with comments such as "That's okay in this case because it's for the right thing". Greta herself also had journalists removed from a hall in Lausanne - allegedly "because they were responsible for the bad atmosphere in the hall because of the [critical] questions". However, the journalists were allowed to return a short time later.


The surprising presence of the Club of Rome (Eugenics) causes me to shiver (“The Earth has cancer and the cancer is Man”) - the question about the planned dystopia of a whole generation spontaneously finds a first possible answer: This generation, as well as the following one, will probably, as a consequence of the panic-induced dystopia, refuse to have children of their own to an increased percentage as long as the planet is not in order. It would be another factor besides the increasing infertility (due to "external influences"). Are these the fine tools for the adjustment screws in the mathematics of organized depopulation - or the "implementation of an earth-regulating contribution?

At this point, I feel that there is already a clear overload of global or trans-national initiatives, stock corporations, networks, which seem to fight mainly for the best slogan - and have contacts to some of the strongest NGOs - with hundreds of logos and a conspicuous number of people, corporations, financial institutions and politicians who belong to the so-called "elite", the very group that has already set half the world on fire in the struggle for resources and dominance. My discomfort is increasing, but now further connections from the "circle of supporters" should therefore come to the fore. You may already have enough here - but it's only just beginning. Looking through the profiles, an impenetrable, international network tangle emerges - particularly central persons are, in addition to their office, also representatives of several other networks - that can be more than 20 networks per person. What is striking among the equally strikingly young "followers" is the extremely close connection to "the media".


... and tomorrow the whole world

Meanwhile Luisa-Marie Neubauer (23) from the Lobby and Campaign Organization "ONE", which operates from Germany, has become one of the important managers around Greta Thunberg. Greta and "Langstrecken-Luisa" ("long-distances Luisa" is her nickname) were introduced to each other at the UN Climate Change Conference in Katowice 2018. Luisa-Marie Neubauer is portrayed everywhere as a climate activist, but I would rather portray her as a young lobbyist focusing on climate and coal phase-out. Her already 7-year career clearly shows this. She is a member of Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen and organizes together with Louis Motaal (20), a Greenpeace registered member, the German "Fridays For Future" demos, now called "FFF". However, the organizations and donors with which it deals require that the "protection" of the climate first be relativized or questioned - it is a matter of organization and space control in the "restructuring" of industry. (The "4th Industrial Revolution" - a term used by the World Economic Forum in Davos.)

The task of modern "green" networkers is not the planting of trees. This is where networks are built and money is collected, or money flows are channelled. Through permanent press work and endless meetings with photo shootings a high (environmental) activity is suggested. Since one reads so much about it, endless award ceremonies and honors are waiting for the faces of the movement, which thereby step by step come closer to the celebrities in the photos. They then go to the demonstration in the Hambach Forest, not to demonstrate, but to take new photos with an impressive backdrop. The enormous CO2 footprint that they create during their long-term trips is sometimes criticized by some journalists.

Greta's medial adaptation, or rather the final transformation of Greta into an international product is now reaching its medial climax. Greta should eventually become better known in the USA as well. In the meantime, pictures of Greta with the Pope are already circulating! An invitation to a speech in the UN building is extended. Immediately a yacht worth millions is made available for an "emission-free" Atlantic crossing. Every day there are new details in the "Pre-Report Refunds". All the media are virtually overflowing. How does something like this happen? Who else comes up with all this?!

The vast Aura of the Yacht Malizia II

2015 was the launch date of this yacht and it was named "Gitana 16", after the team founded by the French banker Baron Benjamin de Rothschild in 2000. The yacht was also given the name "Edmond de Rothschild", which was also shown on the sail, together with the coat of arms.

sample-imageIn 2019 the yacht was bought by the Stuttgart real estate entrepreneur Gerhard Senft for the Malizia team. It is now registered in the Hamburg shipping register and was renamed (after the new team) to Malizia II. Team Malizia was founded in 2016 by Pierre Casiraghi.


Pierre Rainier Stefano Casiraghi is the son of Caroline von Hannover and her second husband, Stefano Casiraghi. Pierre Casiraghi's grandfather was Rainier III of Monaco.


Originally, the Malizia II is carrying the sail of the sponsor, BMW - but for the Atlantic crossing it got a sail with the inscription: :

"Unite behind the Science"

In the meantime the collection of names has grown to a confusing size. Now we are already in noble and royal families. More elite is not possible! Greta is getting infinitesimal small! Like a little girl. But she's only supposed to talk and be seen and heard - meanwhile we are being softened up by all stations hourly about the "purity" and correctness of Greta's protest - spicy filled with vocabulary like "panic", "rebellion" and "annihilation". Those who do not want to participate are stigmatized preventively and warnings are given. They are told: "We have you in our sights! We will not forgive you!". From the ranks of the first collapsing home TV and Facebook junkies, Greta haters are recruited, who henceforth "expose" themselves in comment columns. Journalists, who, startled by the tyranny of the organizations, critically question them, are thrown into the box of Greta haters as right-wing conspiracy theorists. In the end, these questions "prove" that they are not standing up for the "right thing"! Yes, true architects seem to be at work here! Meanwhile the contracts prepared by others are signed by other authorities. .

The fact that the "emission-free" crossing on the Malizia II causes many times the emissions of a Greta + Team flight, from Europe to the USA and back, should in itself raise concerns. The reason for this was, once again, mainly due to the media coverage, the "escort" of tens of planes, helicopters, boats and vehicles full of reporters, welcome committees, onlookers and enthusiastic supporters - and the subsequent flying in of a new crew from Europe for the return of the yacht. One of the two sailing professionals on board with Greta was Pierre Casiraghi - and so the elite was on board from the very beginning - not only figuratively.

The current climate report is presented during Greta's USA visit in Monaco - Coincidence? After all, Monaco is a very, very big country! Unite behind the $cience.

USA - land of unlimited Impossibilities

Greta's "How Dare You!" performance in front of the UN delegates and the cameras of the world press marks the preliminary climax (and cultural low point) in this spectacle. A dreadful spectacle of a script-driven ninth-grader who plays herself - but what can you expect? Even the adult speakers or board members of the surrounding NGOs have occasionally moved us with outbursts of tears "for the climate", trying to persuade us to donate. That is a grand theater! Great pathos! The BILD (news) is right! Panic is spreading! At the end of the day, the masses around the world break into tears! "Unite behind the Science"!

sample-imageNow they all come together! All, all, all green networks, NGOs and Initiatives founded in recent years. All "fine" celebrities! Everything seems to be in movement! The whole world seems to have become greener - even the European flag! The Chancellor receives in green and even Ursula von der Leyen is called green in the midst. The "Green New Deal", which is also pushing for Europe as a party, feels the growing influence!

Macron's "Climate Finance Partnership" with Blackrock Capital - the world's largest fossil fuel shareholder, a major shareholder in KraussMaffei and advisor to the ECB - is getting ready to take hold of Europe's municipal treasuries and sees the government-financed reduction of CO2 emissions as a "flagship for mixed capital investments". "Climate Finance Partnership" also calls for the release of pension funds and government funds to finance "green industry" in developing countries.

Is this still the French president or are these effects of the cooperation of the Goldman Sachs man Macron with the world's largest (uncontrolled) financial services provider BlackRock Capital? To call the situation of our planet a "climate emergency" is in reality a "climate opportunity" (PR-speak). The people demand more taxes! Mo' Money, Mo' Money! Also the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation still jumps up to the ringlet. The machine is running. „Unite behind the Science“!

sample-imageNow everyone is talking about Greta - and anyone who is not for her now is definitely against her. And what that means, everyone should know for themselves: "And if you choose to fail us I say we will never forgive you!" This has biblical dimensions and even in the groceries everyone is arguing about it now. What a success! "Climate" - that is some CO2 stuff that nobody understands anyway - but there is still the possibility to show that you belong to the good guys! Emotional parents send their children to the Friday protests and they even would "politicize" their preschool children even earlier if possible, because: "They belong on these protests - after all, it's their lives that are at stake"! It is a race! We have no more time! "We Don't Have Time". Where is the "Green New Deal"? Where is the CO2 tax? Is there still a signature missing?

After New York, the call for "climate mobilization" seems to have actually been successful (for the moment) in uniting leftists and anti-capitalists with the "global elite". The call of "Extinction Rebellion" (the climate demos) for "net zero carbon" in the atmosphere, is supported by the World Bank and a multitude of neoliberal Think Tanks and financiers. While the climate protesters are taking to the streets for fear of the apocalypse, more and more financial titans are joining this movement, because there is real money to be made. The first virtual political rebellion is in full swing! And it is a fake!

The advantages for the "elites":
Money rolls in and you don't need to do any cleaning afterwards.

The disadvantage for us, "the people", that is, the NPCs (Non Player Characters):
it is all just virtual and you still paid for it. Unite behind the $cience.

The CO2 taxes are the sale of indulgence of the 21st century!

Greta has now found many new and very well-known supporters in the USA - with Barack Obama another icon from the front row is also part of the farce. ("The Nobel Peace Prize mass murderer with the casual speeches and the winning smile") Another one of their supporters, Bill Gates, is currently funding the production of a huge chemical cloud for the stratosphere, which is supposed to keep sunlight away from the Earth. For me, these people are threatening further destruction and by no means a step towards improving the world or the climate! Not a word about the still unsolved accusations against Bill Gates, in connection with "aid" vaccination campaigns in Africa, after which women suddenly became infertile. Both of these men are also advocates of nuclear power - as are a large part of the funding supporters. For 50 years, chemicals have been pumped into the atmosphere to "manipulate the weather". Contents include barium, radium and aluminum. The fact that Alzheimer's disease, dementia or special forms of autism - i.e. precisely the greatly increased number of illnesses - can also be attributed to increased aluminium levels is certainly only a coincidence - and aluminium also plays a major role in vaccines.

By the way, "weather manipulations" by chemtrails are not a conspiracy theory, as commonly assumed, but have long been officially confirmed, among others by the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). The resulting "transformation of air into a battery" is also a prerequisite for many hypermodern weapon systems. With 5G technology, this military technology is now becoming the basis for all data, including civil data. The destructive effects of millimeter waves affect not only insects, but even our DNA. Especially children are extremely endangered. Diabetes and cancer are expected to become much more common as a result.

sample-imageNow more and more manipulations are being offered as "green" problem solutions - the intensification of bio-chemical interventions into nature! Is this now modern environmental protection? For me it reads like a signpost in the pre-hell. ZEIT: "The only thing that can be done is to plumber with the climate" - and even in the advertising for shares of RheinMetall AG are now weapons for the protection of the climate (picture right). All just coincidence?

Unite behind the $cience


"Fascism should be called corporatism because it is the perfect fusion of government and corporate power."
Benito Mussolini

Content in the speeches

What I miss in Greta's speeches - it's not a criticism of Greta, but at best of the people behind her - the people who review - and quite likely write - her speeches. As with the "trail of money", the aspect on the "omissions" makes it clear who is leading the pen here.

Is it all just CO2?
The first thing that stands out in the announced climate or world salvation is the reduction to CO2. This is a reckless focus on a single point - which is furthermore discussed controversially and can also be presented in "scientific appearing charts" controversially. Such a view certainly does not lead far enough to achieve real changes for the positive!

There is no mention of the military!
The military is unquestionably one of the world's biggest polluters, and the military-industrial complex has been the fastest-growing industrial sector for 20 years! The US military alone consumed 43 million tons of oil per day in 2017! Add to that threats of contamination as a result of heavy weapons use. These are not only nuclear bombs - already since the Iraq wars, for example, DU munitions are used (DU = depleted uranium). This ammunition contains depleted uranium to increase the striking force. Traces (and consequences!) of this ammunition can be detected in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afganistan, Kosovo and Serbia. It was not the beginning of targeted and long-term poisoning: The consequences of "Agent Orange" in Vietnam and Laos have not been overcome until today!

In the context of the armed forces, I would like to point out a detail in Greta's "How Dare You!" speech to the UN which, after some analysis, seems almost mordantly cynical: "You Have Stolen My Dreams and My Childhood." What about the children in Yemen, Syria, Israel (or Palestine), Africa, Yugoslavia, Afganistan, Ukraine, various countries in South America? Greta is right, and she should denounce it from her perspective, but without an empathy address to the children from the countries just mentioned, which have been overrun "by us" with illegal wars - and this has been happening since the formation of nation states in Africa and the Middle East - this accusation "You Have Stolen My Dreams and My Childhood" is downright grotesque. Here, once again, the people who "review" Greta's speeches fail - or they fulfill specifications to exclude certain aspects by not mentioning them.

No mention of the construction industry! You would not think so, but the construction industry of the 21st century is one of the biggest polluters on the planet - perhaps even worse than the military. Not only that, it is also extremely toxic! Further industries should be checked, e.g. the, with heavy oil driving ships - quite far in front also the food industry (not only the industrial animal husbandry, which I regard as a symbol for the true character in the contact of humans with each other!) - the list could be extended without problems. The food industry is also increasingly inseparable from the pharmaceutical industry, which in turn links up with the military - and not only through chlorine gas or veteran care.

No mention of nuclear power!
For me, as an old activist of the 70s, nuclear power was the gateway to the "environmental movement". Nuclear power is the synonym for a possible contamination which needs thousands of years to be overcome! May the energy production be economical and the production-related CO2 emissions low - the improbability of an accident has been sufficiently disproved in the last 60 years! The continuing problems, above all e.g. of Fukushima, only finds place in the press in the margin - thus completely unappropriately to the kind of the devastation! There are vast amounts of nuclear waste - and until today it is not clear what is to be done with it. Finally, the uranium-enriched weapons are also related to "nuclear power"!

It is also striking that Greta is always referred to as a "fighter" - but in a rather positive way. There is talk of rebellion! In contrast to all the other, previous fighters, however, she doesn't have to fight. All the doors and gates are being opened for her! She is, if one can say that about a 16 year old girl, courted by the "responsible persons for the climate dilemma" and supported with large sums! Even the chancellor is calling to go to the climate protests!

Immediate outcome of the speeches

The most obvious reaction for everyone is the sudden increase in the expression of active dissent across all classes, companies and even families. Now there are only Greta supporters and Greta "haters" - any criticism is immediately assigned to the hater group without examination. The term "conspiracy theory" comes increasingly into play again - since the Kennedy assassination a proven sword in the division of public opinions. As a consequence the discussions remain on the sidelines, whether or not to sympathize, right/left affiliation geography, direct accusations and discharges with increasing aggressiveness.... Sidelines indeed (divide et impera).

The sometimes frantic rapture of the devotees has a religious character and can only be explained with the help of psychology. Relief of the mass soul? As a stimulating reading tip on this topic I would like to pass on "Psychology of the Masses" by Gustave Le Bon (1895). It is even to be expected that parts of the "Extinction Rebellion" are now "assisted" towards a "martyr status" by physical attacks.

For 20 years we have seen a constant "deepening" in divisions of populations in all "western" states - this includes Israel. From a German perspective: USA, UK, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Greece.... - people are 50/50 divided against each other everywhere, as they are in Germany. Increasing ungovernability is a consequence - It also creates many "synergies": e.g. News are stuffed with it and the public discussion is feeded. Truly important issues or rulings are thus ignored in the media coverage, entirely unnoticed. A kind of perpetual feedback. Even the "media folks" don't notice anymore as they receive their current issues from the tickers of Reuters and AP! Even the (not democratically elected) EU-administration thus automatically grows in its special importance as a "stabilizing" superstructure for Europe.

I suspect that one "trick" that adults (including those who are now sending their children to the climate protests) are falling for particularly often at the moment is that the word "initiative" promotes the idea of a "citizen's petition" and appears to be "legitimate". But these kinds of initiatives are corporations, networks, lobbies - their actions are driven with other intentions.

By focusing on CO2, populations are primed to face additional taxes in the future. Greta's UN performance has caused a kind of immediate capitulation of the opponents of this concept and a large part of the "non-thinking population". Unfortunately, the countless "partnerships for the climate" all contain the core "bad guys", whether petroleum industry, arms producers, and worst "financial service providers", which are only called so because they would be subject to scrutiny if they were a bank, which they can escape in such a manner. Blackrock Capital represents this with its name! Unforgivable also that Blackrock "advises" at the same time the ECB, various other governments and corporations, but does not allow any insight into the details! All these corporations have been preparing their attack on the municipal treasury for the last 4 years - after all, up to now all money needed to be approved by the national governments. Now negotiated permanent transfers will be involved, which will be withdrawn from communal budgets, pension funds and other social areas.

Hence, a look at the "network funders" who are providing the fuel for this "Wrong-Kind-Of-Green" movement:

Money, Money, Money

Lobbies do exist in order to "generate" money. For whom? For the people who want change? No - these people only express their political wishes and do not ask for money. The money generated by NGOs is mostly for industries, or for projects in the "reconstruction" of existing conditions - unfortunately all too often to maintain existing [ownership] conditions. Here, too, a look at Blackrock Capital is interesting, since Blackrock Capital has produced 80 billion losses in the last 10 years by holding on to fossil energy sources - Blackrock is the world's largest shareholder for fossil energy - and is now more or less forced to "open up to the green market", which means nothing else than buying into this market. Thus, Blackrock's statement "understanding the climate crisis as a climate opportunity" gains a much more ambiguous meaning.

sample-imageLobbies are the connecting elements between populations, governments and industry - in a type of order (I avoid "type of governance") called corporatism. We certainly have been living in corporatism already for a very long time, but this term is literally shunned. The term itself not only has strong self-exposure potential, but also has direct links to fascism in its baggage.
The fact that "Project Greta" also involves political lobbying became apparent when photos with Greta's handwritten protest cards (this is also "PR branding") were distributed, on which the hashtags #LetRussiaStrikeForClimate, #LetHongKongStrikeForClimate could be read under the text of the tweet "We children shouldn't have to do this" (which also seems cynical to me). Why not India or China - two of the world's biggest polluters? So far, neither country has ever been mentioned by Greta when calling for accountability. Have climate protests even been categorically banned in Russia? Aren't status reports and updates on the ongoing protests in HongKong heard and seen daily in the news? I wonder how there can be any more strikes? I know that in France, climate protests on International Climate Strike Day were brutally crushed with batons, gas and rubber bullets in many cases. About this scandal, even in the middle of Europe, there was absolutely nothing to be found in our media.

Paedophrastia and Exploitation

sample-imageThe keyword "HongKong" highlights a good opportunity to include another characteristic of media manipulation, because Greta is not the first child to be used as an "energy generating device". Such a thing is called a Paedophrastia. A link from Greta to the begging and peddling children on behalf of adults becomes apparent here, as well as to the tradition in the depiction of male leader personalities with female children throughout history.

It is precisely the images with children that really "hit the spot"! Be it washed up baby corpses, crying children at the border fence or covered in dust, alone in the bus after a "poison gas attack" - even "quite hypothetically generated images", such as those in the well-known "incubator lie", as well as the attacks against the children of his own population, which Bashar al-Assad is accused of again and again. Increasingly, we encounter these "arranged" images with children in the press - at the moment also popular with hashtag complaints on cardboard signs - Greta-style, so to speak. Children, if used in the 'right' way, accelerate the way to the desired follow-up campaign.

sample-imageJoshua Wong, the "face of the Hong Kong protests," gained international attention at the age of 14. You have to be very gullible in order not to realize that his success has also been long and deliberately supported by lobbies and money, especially from the United States. Not only has he already been a guest of our foreign minister Heiko Maas - much to China's displeasure. He also visited Marco Rubio on that trip, a special friend who gained some notoriety in Europe during the U.S. (and Israeli) attempt to overthrow Venezuela's government. The trigger of the desire for another head of state was motivated by the desire for cheaper oil. The Koch Brothers have already had an entire refinery built in Texas, near the Mexican border, and a pipeline almost completed all the way up to Canada. Why the refinery is not for Texas oil? Because Texas oil is of a very different, coarser quality (texture) than Venezuelan, and cannot be processed at all in this refinery. The savings from the 3-day transport from Venezuela to the U.S. instead of the minimum 3 weeks from the Middle East would be just as enormous as the sheer maximum of oil that could be obtained from just one nation!

So this model of early exploitation of children, establishing them and eventually positioning them as adolescents is nothing new. There are numerous other examples of it - and it has been enormously perfected in recent years! So Greta is nothing but a new version of 15-year-old Nayirah al-Ṣaba, who presented the "incubator lie" in 1990, of 12-year-old Severn Cullis-Suzuki, who appeared at the UN Climate Change Conference in Rio in 1992, or of Malala Yousafzai, who became a U.S. puppet after surviving assassination in order to justify the U.S. presence in Afghanistan.

Everything PR[opaganda]

The faces at the forefront of the lobbies: these are "big" heads of state, industrialists, or billionaires who like to present themselves as philanthropists - possibly through their own foundations or funds. They like to support humanitarian actions, starting from the Red Cross, to large-scale medical projects (vaccinations, Ebola and AIDS control, etc.). Particularly bad, for example, are the devastations caused as a result of the activities of the "Clinton Foundation," from Haiti to Libya to "Uranium One".

External cultural representation (cultural exchange) is also a central part of the agenda. In terms of foundations, there are many links to political party foundations or lodges and societies. This is also occasionally evident - after revolutions or political upheavals, such as the recent accusations and the closure or violent destruction of Goethe-Instituts in Egypt or Togo. Finally, "cultural exchange" is usually the first open door into previously closed regions. A hundred years ago, even banks belonged to the "cultural" framework, because through the presence of branches, they safely preserved the possessions of the inhabitants and thus produced quite positive effects in the construction of a civil order (reduction of "wild" violence, more regulated and better organized, solidarity-based orders). Politics is a dirty business.

Propaganda is not an invention of the 20th century - even 1000 years ago, the Pope and the Staufer emperors fought each other with propagandistic means. The Jesuits were pioneers in the field of "cultural exchange". If they didn't succeed at something the first time, they simply tried again 150 years later. The frequent use of skulls in affiliation emblems (as, for example, in the Skull & Bones lodge, whose "logo" also became the sign of the SS [and which was financed, among other things, by Prescott Bush from the USA]) is to be interpreted in such a way that the efforts have meaning beyond a lifetime - precisely beyond the duration of the existence of flesh and blood. Those who persuade themselves that Greta can't be abused at all or used and transformed for higher goals, or that international political developments result from changing day-to-day politics, should finally start to look more closely. Not to do so would also mean not to have learned anything from history.


sample-imageRight from the beginning, "the elites" were behind the Greta project. It was started by the "Club of Rome" and its affiliated "initiatives", which are nothing more than joint-stock companies or opinion-forming networks (lobbies), run by (clueless?) young employees who want to build a "career" and apparently see little else than themselves and their successes. They are not philosophers or people of intellect, but willing executors of the tasks they are asked to do. Due to a lack of life experience, they are entirely devoid of empathy and without sufficient cognitive capacity to recognize which chariots they are pulling. A highly dangerous compound!
Also the aristocracy was active in this farce at an early stage: first the House of Monaco and the House of Hannover, and subsequently also the House of Windsor. These three houses are also closely related. In the "baggage" are large corporations, financial service providers and "their" major politicians. That means: the big share-owners of the arms industry, the fossil energy sources - the direct environment of the "ruling" class of the empire. That at a closer look also the names BMW and Rothschild "swim along", then does not appear to be as coincidental as it seems.
The model that "the devil himself is founding the church" can be observed on a smaller scale in the food industry: All the meat substitute products with vegan and vegetarian labeling from the VeBu, the vegetarian association, are products of the meat industry - which currently makes greater profits with it, than with their own, traditional meat products. The VeBu itself is interspersed with protagonists of the meat industry and was also brought into existence through them! Today one must examine somewhat more carefully already!

And as I have reached the devil, my consideration of the Greta project has come to an end. It is time to look at the big players. It is even more important to show the mechanisms or "the inner mechanics" of power, because we must get acquainted with the empire, of whose existence more and more people get an idea, but do not understand it in detail. Many contributions to this topic (especially since the Internet) are sadly rather counterproductive and focus on appearances and the search for culprits. In the following text I will try to do better.

Addendum 2021

sample-imageMeanwhile, there are also many, really "dark" images with Greta that clearly promote symbolistic elements. Shown are two examples with the "Hidden Eye Symbolism". These are the covers of two magazines. On the left the cover of "i-D" Magazine No.356 and on the right, extra creepy, the cover of the first issue of „Saturday“ (Saturn-Day), the new weekend magazine of the Guardian.

In particular, the SATURDAY cover is quite high dosed, as in addition to the "Hidden Eye Symbolism" we see the "Black Goo" on Greta's naked skin - "Black Goo" is associated with transhumanism. The full stuff in "Saturn Day" magazine - Saturn, Satan, 666. The 666 was also thrown into special light especially when Greta's follow-up movement "Fridays For Future" was officially renamed "FFF" in a press conference. F is the 6th letter, so FFF is 666.

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