Some patches make my everyday life easier in such a pleasant way that I offer them for download. I do not give any guarantees and I do not see any danger to do any harm to any devices with this software (even unintentionally). In order to run the patches on the computer (Mac or Win), you will need (the free version of) "Max/MSP" from Cycling 74.


When searching for saturation differences in 12V and 15V synthesizer modules, sinusoidal generators and noise module comparisons, LFO considerations, and many other situations, my Oscillograph patch has always been of great help to me. This is certainly a patch in which there could (theoretically) be some wider interests. Especially when working with analog synthesizers this is an excellent tool.


"One Window" Editor for the Kenton Pro 2k MkII.

The (original) rack ears, provided with jack sockets and MIDI input on the photo are a DIY suggestion for those who (would) prefer to have the CV and MIDI inputs on the front. With me it was large jack plugs (6.35mm / 1/4), but mini jack will also fit...
There are on the left: MIDI-In, Clock Out, 2x CV-Out + 2x Gate Out and on the right: 6x Aux CV Out.

sample-imageDue to some not quite contemporary operation in 80s style - 4 buttons and LCD display with 2x 16 characters - I have written this editor for the Kenton Pro 2000 MkII. It simplifies the work with the MIDI-to-CV interface significantly and above all it creates a clear overview.

The editor also makes it unnecessary to use the presets that are in the device. Thus, if another Pro 2000 MK II is used, your own settings are still available at the push of a button (preset).

The settings can be saved (shift/click on the preset object at the bottom) and can be also saved to disk via its menu. I think every owner of a Kenon Pro 2k MkII should be able to use this editor instantly.

I already sold the Kenton Pro 2k 7 years ago because I had no more use for it, so the patch is quite old now - but it still makes editing as easy as on it's first day and I don't know of any other editor. Enjoy editing!

Expert Sleepers ESX 8GT MAX-patch

For the controlled switching of the gates.

Since triggering the desired gates of the ESX 8GT from MAX may prove to be a problem for some people, here is a converter patch (binary, 8bit). The on/off combinations for an 8 gate result in 256 possible positions (8 bit = 0 to 255). The values are routed into the input of the [es4encoder~] Max Object. It is a binary to integer conversion.

sample-imageThe conversion is easier than it seems: the eight inputs are represented by numerical values (Off=0):
1=1, 2=2, 3=4, 4=8, 5=16, 6=32, 7=64, 8=128.
The summation of the turned on gates: 1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128=255.

The image on the right shows two alternative ways of conversion, but they need more energy and may be a bit slower. The left of the two examples shows the most easily understood version. The [job.esx8gt] object (above) is not only the slimmest - it also best embodies the beauties of Max.

Text & Translation Soon!

Great Reset?
4th Industrial Revolution?
New World Order?

The Fall of Babylon the Great

And I heard another voice from heaven saying,
“Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues!
"Eat ze Bugs!"

"We are the CO2 to be reduced!"

For Sale

Used Equipment

19 inch devices - Cases - Buchla - Eurorack.

RME Bob 32
AES Breakoutbox - NEW!

€ 180.- plus shipping

Can be folded so that front and rear can be screwed into the rack as a 2U unit.

Buchla (Clone)
Frequency Shifter Model 285r

€ 550.- plus shipping

Shifter/Ringmodulator. Only operated for a few hours. Superbly built by A. Scramstad in Oregon/USA (my favorite builder).

CV-Tools - ARP 2600 inspired

€ 130.- plus shipping

Great Eurorack Voltage Processor and Slew Generator from the company Synovatron, unfortunately closed due to reasons of age.

Dual Amplifier. As new!

€ 90.- plus shipping

Two amplifiers in a 4HP Eurorack module. Very good quality - I have always liked ADDAC very much.

Expert Sleepers
ESX-8GT. Neuwertig!

€ 45.- plus shipping

Gate Expander for the ES-40 Audio to CV Module. Passive (without power connection).

MakeNoise Wiard Wogglebug
Random Generator

€ 145.- plus shipping

The Wiard Random Generator - still in the original licensed circuitry.

Intellijel Dixie CTRL
Control Expansion für den Dixie VCO

€ 35.- plus shipping

- allows control of PW, PWM, Lin FM and Exp FM on the Dixie VCO.

SKB R2U Roto Rack
As new!

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Installation depth 45cm (deep version). In original box. Used for one day only.

SKB 6U+3U, Gator GR-4S
In top condition!

180.- 140.- 80.- plus shipping

Have never been on the road and are in TOP condition! Are no longer produced by SKB.

Dual-channel oscilloscope

€ 130.- plus shipping

incl. test probes. 2 mV/cm sensitivity, 60 MHz, deflection speed up to 5 ns/cm, 6.1 kg.