Studio Software

Max (Cycling '74)

Programming Environment

This programming package was and is responsible for my deepening in electronic music. Before this platform was available, it was almost impossible to make electro-acoustic music without pushing into highly-subsidized (university and radio) areas! Everything was hardware and priceless.

Max consists of the parts Max, MSP and Jitter. Max is a graphical data MIDI environment for programming interfaces and automations. MSP is the (DSP) audio part of this environment. Jitter is the video part and is also used for interfaces.

Live (Ableton)

Production Software

Thanks to the crossover platform "Max-For-Live", "Live 9" is also a perfect base for all time-lined projects. Max applications can be integrated as a plug-in in Live.

The Live interface was one of the first "one-window" concepts. It is so well-designed and always up-to-date thanks to its broad range of users. Meanwhile, there are even a wealth of controllers that are tailored to Live.

Meanwhile Cycling '74 belongs to Ableton.


Production Software

An alternative to Logic - much cheaper ($ 60.-) and also significantly "lighter" than Logic. Actually, I had only chosen it as a transitional solution when Logic was problematic for a while. In the meantime, I have completely changed to Reaper, just through the habit. It offers everything that is important to me.

Some things are different in Reaper - I especially like the surface design can be changed by own templates.

A great program with a large, active community.

Logic Pro X (Apple)

Production Software

For editing and mastering, there are countless programs that have all their strengths: sequencers, audio editors or pure editing programs. I use Logic Pro, even though I do not need most of the functions.

After I ommitted "Logic 9", I re-entered with "Logic Pro X" - but I use the program extremely rarely.

RX (Izotope)

Audio Repair

Who has to deal with audio files, must also regularly repair audio-files. This collection of excellent plug-ins should be sufficient for most cases: Mouth DeClick, Voice De-noise, Breath Control, De-plosive, Spectral De-ess, De-bleed, Spectral Repair , De-hum, De-reverb are the plugs of the standard version - and there is also an advanced version.

Ozone (Izotope)

Mastering PlugIn Bundle

Since version 4 the company Izotope is well known for its good mastering software suite. Since the version 6 finally also an appealing interface succeeded. The Advanced version allows to load the components as single plug-ins and has been extended by a Dynamic EQ.

I think Ozone is one of the best packages for full audio editing.

Neutron (Izotope)

Mixing PlugIn

With Neutron, Izotope has really landed a hit. It is an equalizer (including Compressor, Exiter, Transient Shaper, Limiter) with various analytical abilities. Thus, audio material can be analyzed and neutron suggests the frequencies to be processed. Incredible! A really big learning aid.

Tracks can be masked and coupled to provide overlays, e.g. bass and kick drum. This software is above all one: really helpful.


Open Source Graphical Sequencer

As the name suggests, Iannix was inspired by the work of Iannis Xenakis. It is up to Upic, the instrument with which music can be drawn.

The whole concept of Iannix is so radically different, as with the, rather pop-oriented, "production" packages. That alone is already worth a look at the great software.

Apropos: Iannix is free!


Studio Calibration

If your own studio is to be calibrated without external help, SonarWorks software "Reference 3" should be the safest, easiest and most economical solution to achieve a perceptible improvement.

The price for the software/measuring microphone bundle is far below the prices of the competitors. The weak quality of the Mic is compensated by an individual correction curve, which can be loaded, and the effect of the software is astonishing. The sound is clearly localizable and the plug-in is undoubtedly a help, especially in acoustically imperfect ambient conditions.