EMS Analyse-Filterbank B1-II

EMS Magic Box

EMS (Electronic Music Studios) is of course the European giant. The VCS3 and Synthi A (KS) were used from Stockhausen to Pink Floyd. However, this mono Filterbank is very rare. It has a slope of up to 57dB/oct and is already far from other filter banks.

The amazing sound and the wonderful fader (in enormous quality !!) allow pure musicality. The faders are simply super fine - I have never used better sliders.

Der EMS Text

All filters have been designed with extremely steep flanks. The attenuation of the low-pass and high-pass filter is better than 40dB/octave; the bandpass filter is even significantly better than 50 dB/octave (maximum 57 dB/octave). Characteristic of the analysis filter bank B1-II is the absence of any audible noise floor and the complete suppression of every not be regulated filter channel.

Versatile applications:

designs of sound and noise colors through specific emphasis and/or attenuation of specific partials.

equalization within a signaling pathway.

suppression of background noise [hum, rumble noise).

Spontaneous access to the sound and noise shaping by perfect sliders with extremely long commute and uniformly smooth running mechanics.

noise and speech analysis.

Simulation of hearing damages, pedaudiological counseling, early intervention of hearing impaired toddlers, hard of hearing school, education and training, public relations.

It offers sound (by the extreme edge steepness of the filter) as easy to use technically (by the way long slider) very unique methods of sounddesign. A clear scale division enables simple reconstruction of different filter curves (equalization curves).

Complex oscillation processes, such as speech sounds, sounds mechanically generated or noise structures, divulge a completely unusual color spectrum with smooth transitions. A new sonic material that can compose and combine in any way within the Analysis Filter Bank B 1-II.

Sherman 1

Belgian Destroyer

On my CD "Subultra Live", the Sherman is clearly audible:

Sherman filterbanks are now well known. It quickly became known for merciless sounds - a LoFi filterbank with a strong expression. Some of the very early "Abusers" - the user manual is called Sherman "abuser manual" - are Björk, the Chemical Brothers, David Bowie, Lenny Kravitz or The Prodigy.

Of formerly four Shermans (2x Sherman 1 and 2x Sherman 2), I have only kept one. My choice fell on the Sherman 1, which has fewer parameters, but is even more merciless. I only use it as a destroyer - for other applications I prefer other filters. As a destroyer, Sherman 1 is unbeatable.

Actually, it is hardly controllable and its values are not really convincing - but to rasp the sounds good values are not the right direction.

Sherman filterbanks play everything down to 0 Hz - this can also be dangerous for the amplifiers - so really a dangerous weapon!