with Spectro- and Sonogram

On my search for saturation differences in 12- and 15 V modules, noise-module comparisons, LFO observations, and many other similar situations, my oscilloscope patch always helped me a lot. Surely this is the patch, which should (theoretically) have the greatest interest. Especially when working with analog synthesizers a revealing tool!

It is designed for 2 channels and should largely explain itself. PDF is also available.

Download Oszillograph

Kenton Pro 2000 MkII Editor

Everything in view
  • Due to the not very contemporary "80s operation style" (2-line, 16-character display and 4 buttons) of the Kenton Pro 2000 MkII, I had programmed this editor, which makes the work with the device palpably simplified and offers an overview. The editor also saves the need to access presets that are in the device. If a different Pro 2000 MK II is used, your own settings are still available at the touch of a button.

Download Editor


simply flash the FSM
  • The FSM from MIDITEMP (Footswitch to MIDI) is for the connection of 2 pedals and 2 switches. The configuration is transferred with SysEx data into the device and is complicated and unusual for the "normal" user. To create simple changes or "setups", I programmed this little software.

Download Flasher


How multiple variables are connected to one slider/dial
  • Because I'm regularly asked how the multi-function is programmed for my controllers (Motorfader and push-dials), I have made a study example. It shows how one controller can be linked to several values to create different instances, e.g for push-dials (rotary encoders with pressure function) or Preset variants. Also incorporated is the storage of the variables with the pattrstorage object.

Download "Instances"

Expert Sleepers ESX 8GT

Use 8bit Gates individually
  • Since the triggering of the desired gates of the ESX 8GT is a problem for some people, here is a converter patch (binary, 8bit). The On/Off combinations for an 8-gate result in 256 possible positions (8 bits = 0 to 255). The 8bit value is then routed to the input of the [es4encoder ~] Max object.

    The Expert Sleepers Max-Objects.

    Download object & help-file