Jochen Bohnes

Musician (piano, live-electronic, percussion), Studio-Operator

*1959, Piano lessons since early childhood. Jazz lessons with Ed Kröger, Sigi Busch, Uli Beckerhoff and Heinz Wendel in Bremen 1975-77.

Admitted to study "Painting and Sculpture" at the HfBK Lerchenfeld in Hamburg 1977. Did not apply.

Studied music at the "Swiss Jazz School", Bern 1979-86. Piano Concert Diploma, second instruments trombone and double bass. Piano lessons with Fritz Pauer and Joe Haider. Other teachers: Axel Jungbluth, Mladen Guthesha, Umberto Arlati and Billy Brooks. Supplementary lessons with Paul Motian, Joe Zawinul, Roland Hanna, Woody Shaw, Joanne Brackeen and others.

Studies in Electronic Music at the Sweelinck Conservatory, Amsterdam/NL 1986/87. Introduction to the software environment "Max" with Bruno Spoerri and David Zicarelli at the Swiss Center for Computer Music 1989. Further studies in and collaboration with the "Electronic Studio of the Music Academy Basel", Dir.: Thomas Kessler from 1993-99. Encounters with many contemporary composers, including Luciano Berio, Helmut Lachenmann, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Jacques Wildberger a.o.. Collaborating with or working for various other studios, including SWR Experimental Studio (Strobel Stiftung), Freiburg/D, Dir.: André Richard; IRIS, Paliano/I, M.A.R.S., Dir. Peppino Di Giugno; Studio for Electroacoustic Music of the Academy of Arts, Berlin/D, Dir.: Georg Katzer.

Software-development for Peter Ablinger, Luciano Berio, Thomas Kessler, Rolf Riehm, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Giorgio Tedde, Jacques Wildberger a.o..

Soundtechnic for Electric Phoenix/Dir.: Terry Edwards and for Alvin Curran.

Commitments with universities in Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and the USA.

Workshops and lectures at universities and conferences in Basel, Berlin, Bern, Cologne, Lucerne, Osnabrück, Munich, San Diego, Stuttgart, Zurich.

Broadcast productions for BBC, Radio Suisse Romande, DRS, WDR, SWF, SDR and others.


Music of the Centuries, Stuttgart/D; Music Week of the Academy of Arts, Berlin/D; Musicdays Donaueschingen/D; RamTamTam, Cologne/D; New Jazz Festival, Moers/D; Electromonty, Antwerp/B; Klangart, Osnabrück/D; Three Days of Music, Bern/CH; Sampling Rage, Berlin/D; VCF-Festival, Cologne/D; Pre-Echo, Freiburg/D; Unforeseen, Munich/D; Muzik3, San Diego/USA and other Festivals of contemporary music in Amsterdam/NL, Paris/F, Vienna/A, Basel/CH, Zürich/CH, Rümligen/CH, Lucerne/CH, Berlin/D, Cologne/D, Stuttgart/D, Saarbrücken/D, Giessen/D, Freiburg/D, Dresden/D.

Umberto Arlati, Antonis Artissegos, Johannes Bauer, Adrian Brendel, Hayden Chisholm, Robert Dick, Axel Dörner, Bill Douglass, David Elias, Karlheinz Essl, Muneer Abdul Fatah, Christian Fennesz, Domenico Ferrari, Hardy Fischötter, Wolfgang Fuchs, Gunnar Geisse, Vinko Globokar, Frank Gratkowski, Doug Hammond, Jonas Hellborg, Anna Lindblom, Lars Lindvall, Paul Lovens, Gareth Lubbe, Rudi Mahall, Delia Mayer, JoJo Mayer, Bob Moses, Sylvia Nopper, Eric Peter, Dave Peterson, Norbert Pfammatter, Michel Poffet, James Reynolds, Jochen Rückert, Norbert Scholly, Conrad Steinmann, John Voirol, Tim Wells, Nils Wogram, Jimmy Woode, Alfred Zimmerlin, the Trio Accanto, the Arosa String Quartet, the Basel Sinfonietta (conducted by Arturo Tamayo) and the Saarland Symphony Broadcasting Orchestra (Conductor: Diego Masson).

Making music can be a spiritual experience.