For me it was a doozie: a recording-session in the Sendesaal-Bremen! Finally a space, which comes qualitatively against my beautiful equipment and permits refinement, which are neglectable in other places regarding the turmoil. The Sendesaal-Bremen is legendary and belongs among the best studios i've seen/heard. An acuostic environment, that allows highest concentration and that offers an almost ideal reverb of 1,45 sec for natural recording - a room like dark honey. One can be infatuated into it! Also noteworthy (tuning) are the sensitive, remarkably friendly coworkers and a marvelous restaurant, that furthermore inspirits this location, which was saved from demolition (!!!) shortly. The happy one, which was allowed to play here, was my friend and way companion of many years

Hayden Chisholm

- alto saxophone, shruti box, rec. 10. Feb. 2012, "Konzert im Dunkeln", Sendesaal-Bremen, Rough Mix (unedited) / No Effects. Hayden's Website

The recording-setup was: Metric Halo ULN-8 (recording with 192kHz), 2x Brauner Phanthera, 2x DPA 4021, 2x AKG C414 B-ULS - natural Sendesaal-Bremen Reverb recorded with 2x AKG C414 B-ULS (Omni charcteristic). This recording was not made from the Controlroom - i did it with my "guerilla"-setup from the next room beside. Setup-time less than 15 minutes.

The following two jazz trio live recordings where made in 2005 in the "Bird's Eye" Jazz Club in Basel, Switzerland. The recording equipment consisted in devices from Apogee, GML, UA, RME and Soundcraft. The microphones were from AKG, DPA, Neumann and Schoeps.

The quality of earlier digital systems wasn't really sufficient for mastering. Today there are much better converters, higher resolutions and a more solid base. Thus I will mix and master some of my older recordings again. Also my Quartet CD “Closer” of 1989 (likewise with Norbert Pfammatter at the drums) is coming shortly due.

Fisch im Trio

The "Bird's Eye" Jazz Club is a quite difficult spot for recording - it was a very small jail-gym before. A real challenge.

Donat Fisch - saxophone, Bänz Oester - bass, Norbert Pfammatter - drums

From the extensive recordings of the trio of saxophone player Donat Fisch one CD has been compiled already. It has been released on the swiss label Unit Records in 2007.

I hope that a further CD, or even better a double CD release still will follow, because musically this trio has to offer really much!

The second example is the trio of pianist Walter Jauslin. This recording is from the year 2006. These recordings were also made in the Bird's Eye in Basel/CH in 2005, however during the day and without audience.

Walter Jauslin Trio

Walter Jauslin - piano, Fernado Fontanilles - bass, Michael Wipf - drums.