The Mobile Studio

For performances or pre-productions of electronic/electro-acoustic music there are some high-specialized audiophile "reference class" processors in addition to the Programming-Environment. These enable all kinds of Editing and Mastering in pristine sonics throughout. img

Is this studio primarily for the realization of my own musical interests, yet I am also working for others regularly. This work may be a software-development (Audio or Video), but also typical studio work (Recording, Mixing and Mastering). For Live-Performances and Recording (up to 32 I/O) the studio also provides a four channel PA in an exeptional quality.

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what also happened...

Vintage vs. Space-Age

Although I was very happy with my old audio interface MIO 2882 + DSP, there was still some significant weakness in the microphone preamps. As a cheaper alternative to "more solid areas," I thought about the use of vintage equipment. img With a bit of DIY-energy (Do It Yourself) you get a stereo preamplifier for half or even one third of the price to be paid for comparable, modern equipment. Consequently, I built two Telefunken V672 Universal amplifier (developed in the late 50s very close to my home, at the NWDR in Bremen) in a 19-inch rack. With some additional electronics - DI inputs, phantom power, pad, phase switch and transformer - they where brought to new life as mic-pre´s. Even the housing I have worked out myself (only the holes have been done by an (art-) locksmith because of the accuracy. img It was the biggest part of the work, because only one unit of height was measured for the V672. That is very tight and a lot of adjustments had to be done so that everything fits together.

The trigger for the vintage "discoveries" was that I had made some surprising experiences with Neumann Gefell microphones from the '50s! Especially my just-bought-tube microphone M582.1 had striked me and was scheduled for use on the V672. img Very clear is the stronger character of those classics! But then, in the midst of the euphoria the new audio interface ULN8 of Metric Halo arrived and has put everything in the shade! Due to the extraordinary quality of (8) ULN8 amps all my needs were covered, including the attack on the mobility was blocked (the Telefunken stereo amp weighs about 3 kg - for 8 channels plus 4 U case and cables it would be approximately 18-20 kg). So the passion was just launched an early and abrupt end, for now it is the fantastic preamps of ULN8 to meet (rather with DPA or Brauner ...). That is presence.


I have transferred all the DAT tapes to hard disk and thus changed my backup system - and I said farewell to tapes. Everything is smaller, better and the access is faster now. A real relief, because maintaining so much material needs too much energy.