Jochen Bohnes



My biases are improvised music and electro-acoustic music. Research and absorption into the "new medium" computer characterized my last quarter-century. Apart from general digitalization, interactivity, bio-feedback, acoustic illusions, artificial intelligence or algorhythms from chaos-theory, architecture, psychology and sociology played a big role alike. Today the integration of light and interface design are big themes.

Making music can be a spiritual experience.


Musik der Jahrhunderte, Stuttgart/D; Musikwoche der Akademie der Künste, Berlin/D; RamTamTam, Köln; New Jazz Festival, Moers/D; Electromonty, Antwerpen/B; Muzik3, San Diego/USA; Klangart, Osnabrück/D; Drei Tage Musik, Bern/CH; Sampling Rage, Berlin/D; VCF-Festival, Köln/D; VorEcho, Freiburg/D; Unforeseen, München and more festivals for Contemporary Music in Berlin/D, Cologne/D, Stuttgart/D, Saarbrücken/D, Dresden/D, Giessen/D, Freiburg/D, Wien/A, Amsterdam/NL, Paris/F, Basel/CH, Zürich/CH, Rümligen/CH and Luzern/CH.

A. o. with Umberto Arlati, Hayden Chisholm, Robert Dick, Bill Douglass, Tibor Elekes, Muneer Abdul Fatah, Hardy Fischötter, Vinko Globokar, Frank Gratkowski, Doug Hammond, Wolfgang Heiniger, Heinz Lieb, Jojo Mayer, Bob Moses, Sylvia Nopper, Dave Peterson, Norbert Pfammatter, James Reynolds, Jochen Rückert, Olaf Rupp, Norbert Scholly, Egidius Streiff, Tim Wells, Jimmy Woode, Basel Sinfonietta (Dir.: Arturo Tamayo) and the Symphonieorchester des Saarländischen Rundfunks (Dir.: Diego Masson).

Soundtechnics for Electric Phoenix/Dir.: Terry Edwards and for Alvin Curran. Software-Development for Peter Ablinger, Luciano Berio, Thomas Kessler, Rolf Riehm, Karheinz Stockhausen, Giorgio Tedde a.o..

Workshops and Lectures in Basel/CH, Berlin/D, Bern/CH, Köln/D, Luzern/CH, Osnabrück/D, München/D, San Diego/USA, Stuttgart/D, Zürich/CH.

Radio-Productions for the BBC, Radio Suisse Romande, DRS, WDR, SWF, SDR and others.


Classical piano lessons since early childhood. First jazz lessons with Ed Kröger, Sigi Busch and Heinz Wendel in Bremen 1975-77.

1979-86: Bern. Musical studies (piano concert-diploma) at the Swiss Jazz School with Fritz Pauer, Joe Haider, Axel Jungbluth, Mladen Gutesha, Umberto Arlati and Billy Brooks. Further studies with Paul Motian, Roland Hanna, Joanne Brackeen and others.

1987-89 Cologne: Studies in contemporary music and computer/electronics. From co-operation with Frank Gratkowski develops C.A.M.R. (Computer Aided Musical Research) for experiments with computer-controlled, electronic- and acoustic instruments.

1990: First workshop with the MIDI-Programming-Environment Max (IRCAM) at Bruno Spoerri's studio in Switzerland.

90s: Teaching in Switzerland. Studies in composition and computer-languages. 1993-95 studies at the Biocenter of the Universität Basel and with Thomas Kessler at the "Studio für Elektronische Musik der Akademie für Musik Basel". Constant collaboration with this studio until 1999. Works with digital music-electronic particularly with M.A.R.S. (Musical Audio Research Station) and the studio IRIS in Paliano (Rom/Italy). Occasional work for André Richard and the "Experimentalstudio des SWF" (Strobel-Stiftung). "European Powerbook Ensemble" and "World Powerbook Orchestra" together with Wolfgang Heiniger.

1996-2001 stays mainly in Berlin, London and Staufen/Breisgau. Theatre-music-production for the "Deutsches Schauspielhaus" in Hamburg.

1999-2003: Subultra. The core are Hayden Chisholm, Gareth Lubbe and Jochen Bohnes. Release of two CDs (Chisholm/Bohnes) and four live-broadcasting recordings - three for the WDR (two in bigger lineups) and a BBC studio-production (quartet the cellist Adrian Brendel (at BBC Studio 1 in London). Get-together with Jonas Hellborg and Bob Moses in San Diego/USA. Hellborg also cooperates with the Subultra Ensemble for a project in England. Some teammates of the ensemble: Liesl Babette, Tom Manoury, Jochen Rückert, Frank Gratkowski, Franz Hauzinger, Nils Wogram, Danny Schröteler, Adrian Brendel a.o..

Since 1990: software developments also for others, since 2004-2009 particulary for the sardic composer Giorgio Tedde. 1995 performances with the self developed live-video-synthesizer CLUTI (Computer Licht- und Toninstrument).

2004: Collaboration with the metal band Umount.

Alternative content

2005: direction of a recording-studio in Basel/Switzerland. Recording, editing and mastering for several artists, mainly in the domain of Jazz. Live-visualisations for TechHouse events (with DJ´s Goran-N, Manon, Pascal Feos).

Since 2005 more experiments with light and live-visualisation .

Since 2007 development of the Mobile Studio.

Since 2010, the reintroduction of analog electronics and the development of a hybrid, electronic instrument has been intensified.

Occasional obligations at universities in Germany, Switzerland and the USA.